Town Of Russia
August 25, 2015
For work on the Route 365 Town Highway Garage.
July 28, 2015
July 27, 2015, in a e-mail from Janie Smith, she wanted to get it out there that on Sunday, some Amish children were walking on Russia Road/Military Road, and some teens in a grey car threw golf balls at them.  One child was hit in the chest and one in the neck.  Can we please put this out to the community so that we can stop things like this from happening, and help to catch the ones doing this, and prosecute them for their actions?  Our entire community needs to be made aware.
2015 Meeting Schedule
January 13, 2015


January 06, 2014

The Town Park rentals will begin on January 06, 2015, at 9:00 AM for all TOWN RESIDENTS.  They will be given out on a first-come basis.  On February 2nd, 2015 we will take bookings from

all other interested people.    Prices for renting the Town Park:      


Residents:  $ 150.00       Non-Residents:    $ 200.00  A $ 50.00 deposit to hold the park, which will

be returned after use, if nothing was damaged, and if everything is cleaned and keys are returned.   


Someone will inspect the park after each use, and report it to the Supervisor.


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